High-quality engineering and designing for oil & gas and power generating industries

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Engineering, designing, construction/reconstruction, renovation, procurement, supply of technologies, equipment as well as maintenance services.

  • Industrial and civil design.
  • Design documentation for construction of surface facilities for oil & gas fields.
  • Process engineering for oil & gas and heat & power generating industries.
  • Design documentation for gas supply to enterprises, factories, plants and settlements.
  • Integrated engineering studies and comprehensive analysis.
  • Project feasibility studies based on the results of the integrated engineering studies and comprehensive analysis for location of oil & gas fields’ facilities and units in areas of high environmental risk.
  • Planning and design documentation of special parts.

.Operation results on oil fields in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Poland, Russia, Syria, Turkmenistan and Ukraine have shown that after the Company’s technologies application the oil production increases from 2 to 5 times and even more. After well workover the duration of well’s operation at increased level of yield is from 6 months to 2 years.

To find more details about the results of the technologies application, please see “Results” here or in the left menu.