Strengthening (fixing) the bottomhole formation zone with foamed cement, foamed clay/mud solution and polymeric materials

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The technology is intended for strengthening (fixing) loose and unconsolidated reservoirs. 


Creation of firm cement-bentonite mass in the bottomhole formation zone. The mass composition is resistant to washout while remaining fluid-permeable and practically impermeable to sand.

According to the technology the grout pipe is run in to the depth of 2-3 m higher than the upper holes of the perforation zone. Then a formation intake capacity is evaluated. Based on the intake capacity evaluation and initial calculations the foamed cement compound is prepared.

The prepared foamed cement solution is injected through grout pipe into the formation at high speed.

The mixture that has solidified in the formation drainage zone partially consolidates (fixes) the loosened formation skeleton, increases its stability and prevents deformations; it also is some kind of sand-tight filter preventing ingress of sand grains into oil string.

Thus using the method of sand consolidation with aerated mixture, foamed cement, foamed clay/mud solution and polymeric materials it is possible to prevent either completely or partially sand-plugging in wells. That improves well production conditions and underground equipment performance.


.Operation results on oil fields in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Poland, Russia, Syria, Turkmenistan and Ukraine have shown that after the Company’s technologies application the oil production increases from 2 to 5 times and even more. After well workover the duration of well’s operation at increased level of yield is from 6 months to 2 years.

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