Reducing hydrogen sulfide concentration in produced gas

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The technology is aimed at reducing hydrogen sulfide concentration in wells where underground and above-ground equipment is corrodible due to presence of H2S in the output. 


Special chemical agents to get bound with hydrogen sulfide in the bottomhole zone are injected into the well preventing ingress of hydrogen sulfide in the wellbore with produced gas flow.

The volume of chemical agents and duration of effect depend on the well production rate (thousand m3/day) and hydrogen sulfide concentration in the produced gas.

The effect of the works lasts from 50 to 120 days. 


  • it is carried out using the standard equipment without intervention of the workover crew;
  • it increases well overhaul period;
  • it allows to avoid emergency situations caused by possible tubing breakage due to corrosion effect;
  • it prevents point corrosion damages and cracking of the casing string walls which eventually can lead to defects in casing and consequently to a complex well-workover. 

.Operation results on oil fields in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Poland, Russia, Syria, Turkmenistan and Ukraine have shown that after the Company’s technologies application the oil production increases from 2 to 5 times and even more. After well workover the duration of well’s operation at increased level of yield is from 6 months to 2 years.

To find more details about the results of the technologies application, please see “Results” here or in the left menu.