Bottom hole treatment

Сhemical treatments

Chemical treatment of the bottomhole formation zone is a part of our services package. A wide range of acid compositions developed by the experts of our Company is widely used to improve the condition of the bottom zone of oil, gas and injection wells.

We effectively apply bottomhole acidizing to improve or restore bottomhole performance in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs.

The Company has several well acidizing units. This equipment is capable of performing acid treatments at pressures below the fracturing pressure (low pressure) and above the fracturing pressure - acid fracturing (high pressure).

We are ready to cope with any task, be it a one-time treatment or multi-stage acid fracturing.

The research laboratory of Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited develops and constantly improves acid compositions and expands their area of application.


Hydraulic fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing

Our proprietary self-engineered fluids for hydraulic fracturing are designed for improving the properties of the reservoir and increasing the production of hydrocarbons at the fields with low recovery factor. The modern fleet of equipment provides us with ability to carry out efficient hydraulic fracturing.

Our Company performs real-time fracturing simulations using the Meyer MFrac software package, which allows us to optimize operating parameters based on the reservoir properties. We ensure the disposal of waste generated during the completion of work, with monitoring, and control over the protection of the environment.

The proper and correct calculation, selection of the composition of the fracturing fluid and the reasonable application of our hydraulic fracturing fleet are important factors in the efficiency & success of our hydraulic fracturing operations.


Hydraulic fracturing

Sand jet perforating job

Sand jet perforation method is based on the use of kinetic energy and abrasive properties of fluid/sand mix jet flowing out of perforating gun nozzles at high speed and directed to the wellbore wall. Within the short period of time the fluid/sand mix jet forms a hole or a slot in the casing and a channel in the cement and formation. Standard concentration of sand in the composition is 30-60 kg/m3.

Compared with traditional methods of cumulative perforation, this kind of perforation practically excludes negative effects of blasting loads on the formation and the production string whereas the resultant holes are much larger than when using shaped charges under similar conditions.


Sand jet perforating