Depth seismic data processing

In case of substantial and sharp velocity changes in horizontal and vertical directions resulting in time domain distortions, pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM) is performed.


This stage includes:

  • velocity - depth modeling of any complexity degree with due regard for geologic structure of the survey area (for example, in areas of salt-dome orogeny, thrust fault zones, clay diapir, etc.),
  • modeling of structural elements of any complexity degree and their inclusion in velocity-depth modeling for migration, 
  • velocity model updating by several iterations, 
  • various algorithms of 2D, 3D pre-stack and post-stack depth migration mapping, 
  • medium anisotropy factor consideration.


Main processing stages different geological regions

Main processing stages in different geological regions



Initial depth-velocity model
Initial depth-velocity model
Depth-velocity model with structure surfaces included
Depth-velocity model with structure surfaces included
Refined depth-velocity model
Refined depth-velocity model



Volumetric image salt Surfaces
Volumetric image of salt surfaces
Volumetric image salt depth velocity model
Volumetric image of salt in depth-velocity model