Time seismic data processing

  • processing 2D, 3D data of any complexity degree acquired on-shore, off-shore and within transition zones,
  • processing large seismic dataset,
  • seismic data processing without sacrificing amplitude cor-relation (amplitude processing],
  • unique algorithms of adaptive subtraction of various noises, correction of upper part of the section,
  • multiple wave suppression,
  • merging several seismic surveys acquired under different seismological conditions using various techniques and recording parameters,
  • velocity modeling of any complexity degree,
  • various algorithms of 2D, 3D pre-stack and post-stack time migrations.


Adaptive subtraction different types noises

 Adaptive subtraction of different types of noises



Result several registrations merging

The result of several registrations merging



Velocity model cross section static corrections LVL

Velocity model of the upper part of cross-section for static corrections, including LVL