Сoiled tubing services

To perform various operations in wells, our Company has advanced modern coiled tubing units.

The use of coiled tubing technologies allows us to reduce the duration of drilling, well completion and workover, as well as reduce the recovery time by using the obvious advantages of this technology, such as mobility, quick installation, quick tripping operations, etc.

Coiled tubing technologies are widely used by us in well completion and other downhole operations, in combination with the use of high pressure BOPs.

Coiled tubing works are performed by highly qualified and experienced engineering and technical personnel. Our experts are ready to advise and assist clients on the correct selection of the necessary equipment, modeling operating parameters, receiving recommendations for optimizing operational processes, etc. Our coiled tubing services allow our clients to optimize their production & economic performance by reducing the time of work and optimizing the condition of the bottomhole formation zone.



Coiled tubing services

  • Sand plugs clean out 
  • Well kill
  • Nitrogen kick-off
  • Bridge plug/packer setting 
  • Cement plug placement
  • Operations with well down-hole equipment 
  • Cleaning tubing from organic/inorganic deposits 
  • Bottom hole treatment
  • Fishing


Coiled tubing services