Geophysical works

Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited is a modern high-tech company that has managed to incorporate purposeful and successful people striving for a continuous improvement and creating new ideas and solutions.

A distinctive feature of the Company is its readiness to cope with any challenges and tasks both simple and complex, conventional or uncommon. Due to first-rate professional potential of our employees we are capable of applying the most advanced technologies and innovations.

As of today, we have teamed up splendid professionals in seismic prospecting, latest seismic data processing and interpretation. Their work experience comprises:

  • 2D seismic prospecting: more than 5,000
  • 3D seismic prospecting: more than 14,000
  • 2D seismic data processing: more than 45,000
  • 3D seismic data processing: more than 10,000
  • 2D seismic data interpretation: more than 12,000
  • 3D seismic data interpretation: more than 4,500


The Company provides the following services related to geophysical works and surveys:

  1. Seismic data field acquisition on-shore and in transition zones (including shallow-water and peat-land seismic surveys)  
  2. Seismic and borehole data processing
  3. Integrated interpretation of seismic data
Being well-equipped and employing highly qualified and experienced personnel, we are fully prepared for seismic surveying under various conditions both on-shore and in transition zones. We offer economically effective methodological and technological solutions that comply with international standards of high-quality and safe work performance.
Seismic data processing
Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited has got its proprietary seismic and borehole data processing and integrated interpretation center residing in 320 m² office premises. Our center is equipped with up-to-date, high-performance hardware and Paradigm® software packages - the world's industry leader in geological prospecting survey solutions, enabling high-quality and fast data processing and interpretation.
Seismic borehole data interpretation
Seismic and borehole data interpretation is carried out by means of applying Paradigm® software packages: SeisEarth KV, Geolog, Stratimagic, Vanguard Geophysicist.