Drilling services

Our company provides drilling/workover units for onshore oil & gas well operations:

  1. Drilling contractor.
  2. Straight-hole drilling.
  3. Directional drilling.
Drilling contractor services
Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited drilling team is focused on high performance providing high-tech equipment, broad experience in the industry, safe working conditions and quality services for our Clients in the oil & gas industry worldwide. We continue to invest in our rig fleet, enhancing the quality and versatility of rigs through modernization and acquisition of specialized rigs to drill wells in conditions where advanced technologies are to be applied.
Directional well drilling
Our team of professionals is ready to use years of experience for any directional drilling applications. This includes the development of well plans using industry's leading technology software, which allows for three-dimensional viewing of well plans, torque and drag analysis, hydraulic programs and anti-collision planning.