Workover and well servicing

Workover of oil, gas, and injection wells

While carrying out workover operations for oil & gas wells, our Company remediates various failures of the wells operating mode, and the subsurface equipment. We carry out work packages to restore the bottomhole formation zone. One of the main tasks of our field development projects is to ensure optimal working conditions for productive formations, to achieve maximum development (extraction) of hydrocarbon reserves, and to solve problems of protecting the subsoil and the environment.


Workover and well servicing

Wellbore intervention related to drilling (sidetracking and well deepening)

Our company provides services for sidetracking (drilling new boreholes in an existing well) and wells deepening (drilling to deeper layers or expanding an existing drainage area).



Recompletion in the other zone and commingling

During the development of oil & gas fields, it may become necessary to return wells to overlying productive horizons. To this end, a cement bridge is placed in order to isolate the lower productive object from the upper one, as well as the subsequent perforation of the upper object is carried out.



Remedial operations

Our fishing team has highly qualified experts and has got the most full & complete set of various fishing equipment.
We offer optimal solutions, high quality services and strict adherence to safety, health and environmental protection requirements.
Our effective fishing operations allow our clients to reduce the downtime and avoid financial losses.



Remedial operations

Elimination of leaks in the production casing

Repair of the casing or the liner allows to repair damage and restore rated well production.
We offer our clients a wide range of technological solutions for the elimination of damage to casing strings and liners.



Remedial cementing

Water inflow limitation/isolation of water-bearing intervals in oil & gas wells applying polymers and magnetic substances is performed to isolate/limit water inflow into the producing well.


The technology is based on creating and placing an isolation screen in required intervals of the productive horizon by magnetic field. Unlike other methods of isolation and water inflow limitation, the proposed technology provides the possibility of selective interval treatment.


This technology is also practicable to ensure the cement integrity when the use of a packer proves to be ineffective. Pumping down the cement slurry containing polymers and magnetic substances increases the strength of the isolation screen in the required intervals.


This technology is implemented using the standard field equipment by running a special magnetic field generator into the well. Technology is highly efficient due to the use of standard equipment and low chemicals consumption.


In order to create watertight screens in the productive reservoir, cement slurry with added 
magnetic substances are used. Under the influence of magnetic fields generated inside the wells strong isolation structures are formed in the reservoir that shut off water bearing 
intervals/zones. This technology is successfully applied in the oil fields of Turkmenistan.


Repair wells

Production-injection well conversion

Submersible electric centrifugal pumps (ESP) are widely used by our customers at many oil fields. This is an effective and reliable method of artificially lifting oil to the surface, however, such equipment has a limited overhaul life. Our company provides high quality services for the quick replacement of ESP installed in wells.

Our proposed enhanced oil recovery methods (for example, water injection or CO2 injection) can prove to be an effective reservoir development strategy to enhance oil recovery at our clients' fields. However, the achievement of positive results can often be hampered by economic and operational constraints, for example, where most of the wells at the field are old and with damaged casing or ineffective perforation and with other disadvantages that create a number of problems for our client when converting production wells to injection ones.

Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited offers comprehensive solutions to obtain the best results in solving these problems and maximize customer satisfaction.

Well suspension, reactivation, and abandonment

Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited performs well suspension, reactivation, and abandonment operations using coiled tubing units, workover and drilling rigs.

Well suspension

Well subsurface equipping

The bottomhole condition of our clients' wells may change over time (for example, as a result of an increase in water cut, depletion of reservoir pressure, etc.). The technologies we use are continuously being improved and modernized, that gives us the opportunity to offer and use new tools & devices, as well as new artificial lift systems in order to increase the productivity of the well. 

Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited develops and offers re-completion solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs.



Well operation parameters optimization

This service we offer to our clients, includes cleaning of wells from sand, deposits of inorganic salts and organic matters to improve the flow of hydrocarbons to the surface.

The Company carries out works on replacement of tubing (partial or complete). Usually, our clients require this service where their tubing has the following defects:

  • threaded tubing connections are worn out and leak compressed gas (air) into the string,
  • holes, cracks, cavities or corrosion are found on the tubing,
  • salts and paraffin are deposited on the inner surface of the tubing, and they cannot be removed without lifting the tubing,
  • the tubing diameter must be reduced or enlarged, or where the configuration or design of the tubing must be changed.


To create watertight screens in the reservoir, a cement slurry with magnetic substances is used. Magnetic fields generated inside the wells create strong isolation structures in the formation that overlap aquifers or zones. This technology is successfully applied at the fields of Turkmenistan.


Well operation parameters optimization

Well preparation for bottom hole treatment

Preparation of the well for the bottomhole treatment is performed in order to restore and increase its filtration properties, to increase the productivity of production wells and injectivity of injection ones.

In the wells where the subsurface equipment does not allow the BHT works, then subsurface equipment and the tubing string is POOH, as well as other necessary equipment, is run in hole.

The choice of the BHT method is made on the basis of studying the reasons for the low well productivity, taking into account the properties of the rocks and their saturating fluid.

Well preparation for bottom hole treatment