Workover and well servicing

Company offers the following workover services:


Repair Wells


We offer integrated workover services for onshore oil & gas wells. In addition, we provide a range of services for well completion of newly drilled wells.

Workover is a set of operations related to restoration of the wells production. Most workovers require pulling the tubing out of the well by means of workover rigs and eliminating defects that can cause insufficient or zero well productivity. When the defects have been fixed, the tubing is then run back into the well.

In some cases, workover is required as preparation for subsequent hydraulic fracturing or formation acidizing.


Electric submersible pumps replacement
Electric submersible pumps as an efficient and reliable artificial-lift method are widely used at most oil fields worldwide. Since the lifespan of these pumps is limited, they need to be regularly (every 12 months on an average) replaced.
Coiled tubing work
Application of CT technologies allows to shorten the duration of drilling, completion, workover and restoration works by means of exploiting their obvious advantages such as mobility, quick installation, interruptive-continuous process of RIH/POOH with CT. CT technologies are widely used in works related to well completion and other downhole operations in combination with high-pressure blowout preventers.
Acid treatment is a part of the pumping services package. Acid compositions specially developed by our Company are widely applied to increase productivity of oil & gas wells. Acid compositions are successfully used to improve well injectivity.
Hydraulic fracturing
Along with proprietary fracturing fluids designed to improve reservoir characteristics and increase hydrocarbons production at the fields with low recovery factors we offer a modern hydraulic fracturing fleet.
Sand jet perforation
Sand jet perforation method is based on the use of kinetic energy and abrasive properties of fluid/sand mix jet flowing out of perforating gun nozzles at high speed and directed to the wellbore wall.
Well clean out
The service includes cleaning wells from sand, inorganic salt deposits and organic matter to improve hydrocarbons flow to the surface. Many reservoirs contain sand, which is brought into the well, but not removed from the well by hydrocarbons flow. Sand deposits can affect the well productive capacity and should be regularly removed.
Sidetracking and well deepening
Sidetracking is drilling new wellbores in an existing well with a low or no production resulting from mechanical damage or hydrocarbon reserves depletion.
Casing and Liner repair
Casing repair in the borehole is required as a result of seismic activity, earthquakes or simply due to casing wear. Such situations cause cracks and ruptures resulting in sand and other materials ending up in the well. Repair of the production casing allows to remedy the damage and restore well production. We provide a wide range of technological solutions for casing failures remediation.
Water inflow limitation
Water inflow limitation/isolation of water-bearing intervals in oil and gas wells applying polymers and magnetic substances is carried out to isolate/limit water inflow into the producing well.
Stuck or damaged equipment that fell down or broke in the well, the so-called fish or junk, are recovered during fishing operations with the use of special tools. Ineffective fishing can be very time-consuming and expensive.