The leading position in the Company's portfolio is held by the projects being implemented for the oil & gas sector of Turkmenistan.

The history of YNG PL work in Turkmenistan dates back to the signing in 2007 and subsequent successful implementation of a Pilot Contract with the State Corporation "Turkmennebit". As a result of this, the Contract No. T5-8-265 dd. 01.07.2008 was signed, providing for well workovers and increase in production rate of the State Corporation “Turkmennebit” wells (2008 to 2011, 138 well operations were carried out, allowing to produce 270,000 tons of incremental oil).



Well work-over & eor

The next stage of the Company's activities in Turkmenistan was the signing and implementation of the Contract No. Т5-8-З97 dd. 17.05.2011. Under this contract, 2011 to 2018 the workovers aimed at the production rate increase as well as bringing the idling well stock of the State Corporation "Turkmennebit" into operation were carried out.


On 29.11.2018 YNG PL and the State Corporation "Turkmennebit" signed a Supplementary Agreement to the Contract No. Т5-8-397dd. 17.05. 2011. The Agreement provides for the renewal of the Contract for 19 years (until 2037) and expands the range of services to be provided by the Company, which, inter alia, includes drilling of 60 vertical, directional, and horizontal wells to the depth of 4,500 ÷ 5,500 m at the North Goturdepe oil field in Turkmenistan. As of 01.01.2021, under the Contract No. T5-8-397, as calculated on a cumulative total, 1,875 well operations were performed and more than 2.93 million tons of incremental oil produced.


Having got the most advanced high-tech oilfield machinery & equipment required to meet the production challenges, nevertheless we consider our employees to be the most valuable asset. 800+ Turkmen employees are engaged by the Company in Turkmenistan. Their expertise and large practical experience in the oil & gas industry are highly appreciated by the YNG PL management team. The joint rewarding work of foreign and Turkmen experts allows us to achieve the targeted production performance figures, thus developing the oil & gas sector of the Turkmenistan economy.


Geophysical fieldworks prospects


Geophysical works and surveys (seismic data field acquisition, processing, and interpretation)

Geophysical surveys using modern equipment and advanced software for data processing and interpretation is another core business of the Company. The range of geophysical services provided by the Company includes field surveys on shore and in transition zones (those including shallow waters, and wetlands/swampland).


In 2019 YNG PL fulfilled the Contract No. TGL-8 dd. 07.11.2014 signed with the State Corporation “Turkmengeologiya”. The Contract provided for a full range of geophysical works of 3D survey in the fields of Goturdepe at the total area of 420 km2 and Barsagelmes – 345 km2, likewise 2D survey at the area of the Darja Peninsula with the total length of seismic lines being 874 linear km.


In 2020, the Company won a tender for the execution of geophysical works for the State Corporation "Turkmengeologiya" of 3D survey in the East Goturdepe field at the total area of 250 km2, as well as 2D survey in the South Burun field with the total length of seismic lines being 245 linear km (another new contract is in the negotiating stage now).


YNG PL has been conducting geophysical works and surveys in Turkmenistan since 2014


The range of our services includes:

  • Field geophysical works 
  • Seismic data processing 
  • Seismic and well data interpretation 


200 personnel and 92 units of machinery & equipment involve


2015 ÷ 2016

YNG PL has successfully completed a full scope of works under the project "3D CDP seismic exploration including the sea/ land transition zones in the area within the North Goturdepe field and shallow waters of the Caspian Sea and the adjacent area, including the Central and Western Goturdepe areas" in the amount of 420 km2.

2016 ÷ 2017

YNG PL has performed a set of field works under the project “2D CDP seismic exploration within the prospective areas of the Kelkor trough - Darja and Tekejik in Western Turkmenistan, including transition zones sea/ land” in the amount of 874 lin. km, as well as has completed the processing and interpretation of data and successfully presented the "Goturdepe 3D" report.

2017 ÷ 2019

YNG PL has performed a set of field works under the project “CDP-3D seismic exploration at the Barsa-Helmes oil and gas field in Western Turkmenistan” in the amount of 345 km2, and has also completed the processing and interpretation of data and presented the Darja and Tekejik 2D project report and the Barsa-Helmes 3D project report.

Geophysical works and surveys
Geophysical works and surveys


 2015-2016: Goturdepe 3D - 420 km2
  2016-2017: Darja 2D - 874 ln. km
  2017: Barsagelmez 3D - 345 km2


Oil well drilling

Based on the results of our previous surveys and those of the interpretation of the field data acquired at the Goturdepe oilfield, the Company started drilling 5,000 m deep vertical wells in the Northern Goturdepe oilfield. 


As of 01.03.2021, drilling of six 5,000 m deep oil wells has been completed. As a result of drilling, all wells produced a commercial inflow of oil. The Company is currently drilling another four wells.


In the future, it is planned to drill about sixty 4,500 ÷ 5,500 m deep wells, which will also significantly increase the production of new oil at the field, which has been in operation for 50+ years.


It is scheduled drilling of the following wells:

  • Vertical wells
  • Directional wells
  • Horizontal wells


Oil well drilling
Oil well drilling