Water inflow limitation

Water inflow limitation/isolation of water-bearing intervals in oil and gas wells applying polymers and magnetic substances is carried out to isolate/limit water inflow into the producing well.

The technology is based on creating and installing an isolation screen in required intervals of the productive horizon by means of magnetic field. Unlike other methods of isolation and water inflow limitation, the proposed technology provides the possibility of selective interval treatment.

This technology is also practicable to ensure the cement integrity when the use of packer proves to be ineffective. Pumping down the cement slurry containing mixtures of polymers and magnetic substances increases the strength of the isolation screen in the required intervals.

This technology is implemented using the standard field equipment by running a special magnetic field generator into the well. Technology is highly efficient due to the use of standard equipment and low chemicals consumption.

In order to create watertight screens in the productive reservoir, cement slurry with added magnetic substances is used. Under the influence of magnetic fields generated inside the wells strong isolation structures are formed in the reservoir that shut off water bearing intervals/zones. This technology is successfully applied in the oilfields of Turkmenistan.


Ограничение водопритоков/ изоляция водоносных интервалов, пластов